The History of the Chin-Strap

Since the earliest of time, humans have worn hats to protect themselves from the elements and to designate position and status in society.  And since the beginning, we have been plagued with the difficulty of keeping those hats on.

Early attempts used thin straps of leather that tied under the wearer's chin.  Sound familiar?  Yes, scientists have discovered a hat with a chinstrap that dates back to 300BC.    That's over 2000 years of using the same mediocre solution!  Can you imagine if people hadn't improved methods for keeping on other types of clothing and footwear in that 2000 year period?  Say goodbye to zippers, buckles, snaps, or Velcro.  

So we feel quite confident in saying that we have been long overdue for a headwear innovation to take us beyond the chin-strap.