StayBack Ambassadors

Ryan Marshall

Ryan Marshall is the lead guitarist and singer of the internationally-acclaimed band "Walk off the Earth".  They won the Canadian Music Award - the Juno - for Group of the Year 2016.  Marshall first learned about StayBack Hats from his good friend and songwriter, Jay Duwyn.  Jay, and his sister Ann-Marie (the founder of StayBack) were backstage catching up with Marshall before a show.  Marshall was wearing a grey stingy-brimmed fedora for the show that night.  Ann-Marie commented on the fact that his hat was similar to the one in a video she had made and had planned to use when launching her hat brand, StayBack Hats.  She showed him the video of Trevor, doing parkour flips and stunts while wearing a StayBack Hat.  As soon as he saw the video, Marshall excitedly asked to be involved.  

And maybe it was fate that later that night, while onstage, Marshall's own hat (which was not a StayBack Hat) actually fell off during the show.  It was the ultimate sign...  He knew that many musicians and dancers would be interested in StayBack Hats because they looked fantastic and would not be a distraction during performances.  He wouldn't need to worry about losing a hat during a show again.  You can see Marshall wearing a number of StayBack Hats throughout our LookBook.

Suzie McNeil
Suzie McNeil is a Canadian Musician who garnered much success with her songs "Supergirl", "Merry Go Round", and "The Best is Yet to Come".  She was honoured with having her song "Believe" become the anthem for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver.  
She just finished an international tour with Steven Tyler where she performed as Steven's lead back-up vocalist.  Suzie is also a member of the "The Loving Mary Band".
She became interested in StayBack when vacationing recently in Mexico.  Whenever there was a breeze, she would have to grab onto her floppy brimmed hat to prevent it from blowing away.  She noticed that her friend didn't have to hold onto her large-brimmed hat at all - even when walking through a wind-tunnel that had other people climbing over fences to retrieve their hats.  She asked her friend how that was possible, and was introduced to StayBack Hats.  Susie now owns a beautiful large-brimmed Panama Hat and can stroll along the beaches without a care.
Trevor DeGroote
Parkour athlete and gymnastic teacher from Burlington, Ontario.  Trevor can be seen performing his awesome flips in our "Parkour Video".  Trevor also performed all of the flips and stunts seen in our photography online and instore.   He recently founded "Play Project", an organization to build the parkour community by teaching children and adults about parkour and its benefits.   Ann-Marie had reached out to him to discuss her concept for a video in which he would do a number of parkour moves while wearing one of her new hats to demonstrate how effective it was at staying on, even during extreme activity.  
Trevor thought about all the outdoor training that parkour athletes love and how they were often in the sun all day long.  Many wanted to wear hats, but they wouldn't stay on during the more active moves and flips. Trevor started sending Ann-Marie a number of parkour videos he found online of other parkour athletes losing their hats during their stunts.  He was excited about the possibilities and wanted to become involved with StayBack Hats. 



Andrew Mactaggart

Andrew recently toured as Steven Tyler's lead guitarist.  Andrew has mad guitar skills and has recorded with many Rock and Country artists.  He is currently playing in "The Loving Mary Band".

As a recording artist and performing musician, Andrew wears a lot of hats.  (pun intended).  He was recently walking with a fellow musician when it started to become windy.  Andrew immediately put his hand on top of his head and held onto his hat.  He turned and watched as his friend, in a matter of seconds, took off his own cool-looking fedora, flipped something out of the crown and put his hat back on.  The other musician then continued walking in the wind, without having to give his hat another thought.  Andrew, on the other hand, had to continue to hold onto his hat to keep it from blowing away.  

Andrew now has a cool woven raffia fedora by StayBack Hats.  If he is recording indoors, he will usually keep the fitting system tucked up in the crown.  But if he heads outside, he can easily flip down the system and continue what he's doing without having to "hold onto his hat".