We know how important it is to engage consumers.  Not only do you need to compete for attention in an oversaturated & crowded retail environment, but once you have their attention, you must clearly demonstrate the relevance of the product to their lives.  

We have developed marketing and merchandising tools that attract, engage, and motivate customers toward purchase.

1.  Upside-Down Mannequin Heads:

Surprising?  Intriguing?  Relevant?      ABSOLUTELY!  

This is not merely a “gimmick” to grab attention.  This unusual display quickly identifies the Unique Selling Proposition…these hats will stay on; even upside down!  The Mannequin Heads are featured prominently at the top of our custom freestanding merchandising fixtures.


2.  Custom Freestanding Merchandising Displays:


Our freestanding display has the versatility to be configured differently, depending on the layout and space available in the retail environment.  They will draw attention and clearly differentiate StayBack Hats from any other headwear.  With an impressive, yet accessible height, the display has a relatively small footprint, increasing the sales per square foot.

The display also features an optional mirror with simple diagrams and directions on "How to use StayBack", and a QR Code to link directly to our site for additional information and videos.


3.  Custom individual hat fixtures:


Most hat fixtures have an arm that bends up into the hat with a flat, circular disk that supports the top of the crown.  As the weight of the hat hangs from this disk, the top of the hat often becomes misshapen and the hats sit askew, leading to an unattractive and disorganized display.  When hats are stacked upon these unstable supports, they often tip precariously and hats easily fall off the display and become damaged on the floor.  

Our custom fixtures are designed to prevent slippage or damage.  The brim and crown are supported to eliminate uneven weight distribution and prevent misshaping of the individual hats.  The fixtures also keep the hats neatly aligned so that 2-3 hats can be stacked upon one another without tipping precariously, resulting in a strong and visually appealing display. 


4.  Aspirational Posters:



Our posters highlight Musicians and other authentic influencers to reinforce the association between StayBack Hats and an empowering, aspirational lifestyle.


5. Hat Clips & Displays:

We have designed a desirable and functional accessory for our hats.  These hat clips work specifically with our hats and allow the consumer to hang up their StayBack Hat from a variety of surfaces and items when not being worn.  The ball chain can be linked around the straps of a bag or backpack, from the back of a chair, or from a coat hook.  This provides a safe and convenient way to store your StayBack Hat when you take it off.  This is especially convenient when you are out in a restaurant, in school, or rushing through an airport.   This additional peace of mind and convenience is not offered by other hats.  

StayBack Hat Clips are merchandised on the hooks of our Hat Clip Display Board, which is an optional attachment for our Freestanding Merchandising Display.  The Clip display also includes simple infographics to suggest ways that the consumer can use it in their everyday lives.