Our LookBook showcases StayBack Hats, as worn by the people who love them; including Ryan Marshall, lead singer of the band, "Walk Off The Earth" and Suzie McNeil and Andrew Mactaggart, both of "The Loving Mary Band" and bandmates of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Sports athletes understand the value of performance products and include StayBack Hats in their outdoor recreation - perfect for Golf.  Jim McMahon; former Super Bowl champ, Dr. J; Basketball Slam-Dunk legend, and Joe Carter; Canadian Baseball Hall-of-Famer.

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the "Marshall" in Textured Toyo Straw

the "Lagoon" hat on Suzie and the "Cove" hat on Andrew

the "Lagoon" Hand Woven Toquilla Straw

the "Malibu" Hand-Woven Panama in Toquillo Straw

the "Cove" woven raffia straw


Super Bowl Champ, Jim McMahon wearing the "Breeze"

the "Malibu" and "Lagoon" Hand-Woven Panamas in Toquilla Straw

 the "Ska" Stingy-Brim in Brown Plaid

Baseball Legend, Joe Carter, wearing the "Fairway"

the "Lagoon" Genuine Hand-Woven Panama

the "Fairway" in Toyo Straw

the "Colada" Pork-Pie in Genuine Coconut

Slam-Dunk Legend, Dr. J, wearing the "Venture" fabric hat

the "Jazz" Stingy-Brim in Grey Hatched Fabric

the "Lagoon" and "Malibu" Hand Woven Toquilla Straw



"Walk Off The Earth" recently won the Canadian Music Award - "The Juno"- for Group of the Year: 2016.  Ryan Marshall wears a variety of different StayBack Hats, but one of his favourites is the straw, fedora-styled StayBack Hat "The Marshall", which we named after him since he looks so great wearing it!

Suzie McNeil had a number of top hits as a solo artist in Canada, including Supergirl, Merry Go Round, and Believe, which was the anthem for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver.

Currently, both Suzie and Andrew are members of the Country Rock band "The Loving Mary Band".  Suzie and Andrew also tour frequently with Steven Tyler and perform in Steven's band as lead guitarist and vocalist for his solo tours.

Suzie and Andrew were introduced to StayBack Hats at a windy ocean-side resort in Mexico.  They were intrigued when they saw a couple friends wearing StayBack Hats on the beach and even while walking through a wind tunnel...and their hats stayed on!  Meanwhile, they had to hold onto their own hats to keep them from blowing away.  (Which incidentally, is very inconvenient if you are trying to carry instruments and equipment to a gig).

Now that they own StayBack Hats, they no longer worry about the wind.