Why Does it Work?

One of the major obstacles to obtaining a secure fit with a brimmed hat is our ears.  Often, people wear their hat above their ears so that the hat won't pinch or rest on their ears.  However, this positions the hat at a smaller circumference and it becomes easy for the hat to fall off.  Hats worn lower need to accommodate the ears.  Typically, this will either pinch the ears or fold them over.  If the crown is big enough for the ears to be comfortable, the overall fit will be too loose and the hat can still fall or blow off.  Some hats utilize a drawstring or elastic cord.  This still encircles the ears and results in squeezing or pressure on the ears.  It also leads to a distorted appearance to the hat.

Our patented fitting system overcomes these barriers.  There is no squeezing of the ears or deformation to the shape of your hat.  The system is designed to separate from the inside of the hat's crown at the ears so that the system can continue to sit snug against your head, leaving your ears unrestricted.   Additionally, the fitting system is designed to rest below the occiput (bump) at the back of your head.  Once the system is cinched inward beneath the largest circumference of the head, the natural contours of the human head form a restraint to keep the hat from moving upwards and from blowing/falling off.


Above: StayBack Fitting System discreetly folds into crown.