Benefits of a StayBack Hat

- it stays on comfortably and securely during wind or physical  activity

- beautiful styles in classic and contemporary shapes

- provides valuable UV protection even when it is windy

  (a situation where many people have to remove their hats

  and hold on to them so they don't blow away)  

- no ugly and uncomfortable chin-straps

- fitting system flips us discretely into the crown when not needed

- easily adjustable while wearing so you can immediately respond to

  weather conditions.  

- it doesn't squeeze the ears

- adjusts to fit comfortably with different hair styles or lengths.

- it doesn't distort the shape of the crown when cinched inward

- no more hats blowing down the beach or into the lake

- feels comfortable and secure (like a ball cap)

- fitting system flips up into the crown for storage and shipping

- ribbon loop at back of fitting system accepts a small carabiner hook (not included)

  so hat can be hung from a backpack or purse when not being worn.

- Premium collection uses high-end materials and are proudly Made in the USA.