Humble Beginnings


StayBack Hats began in Canada with 3 active young girls who loved to cartwheel and hang from the monkey-bars, and a frustrated mother who was tired of chasing them around to make them put their hats back on.  Hats with chin-straps not only looked "babyish", and were uncomfortable to wear, but worst of all, they still blew off and were left dangling by the cord around their necks.

Knowing how important it was for her children to wear hats for UV protection, that frustrated mother, Ann-Marie, was determined to find a way for hats to stay on.  After studying the human head and analyzing brimmed hats, Ann-Marie realized that the major obstacle to obtaining a good fit was our ears.  After numerous attempts and a large pile of chopped up, modified and "Frankensteined" hats and sweatbands piling up in their basement office, Ann-Marie designed a solution which would enable the fitting system to fit comfortably behind the upper part of the ears, while allowing the crown of the hat to maintain its shape, without distortion.  

Along with her husband, Jan, they quickly realized that her humble solution would not just benefit their own children; it could benefit people around the world.  Ann-Marie was passionate that in order to make the greatest impact, the hats had to look stylish so people would WANT to wear them.  So they focused on fashionable brimmed hats like fedoras, wide floppy-brimmed hats, pork-pies, and Panamas.  

With Jan now solely supporting their family of 5, Ann-Marie and Jan made the financial investment of securing patents.  They recognized that they needed support in the way of business expertise and financial capabilities.  Ann-Marie then met Michael Belcourt, the previous CEO & President of Polo Ralph Lauren Canada for nearly 25 years.  He believed in the concept and recognized the potential.  He understood what a huge challenge it would be to bring this new product to market, but was confident that they could do it.  Together, Ann-Marie, Jan, and Michael founded StayBack Fitting Systems.

This is a start-up fuelled by passion and persistence.  It is the type of authentic creation that cannot come about from within a corporation or even from within the industry in which it operates.  Sometimes it takes someone with a new perspective; the outsider looking in...who doesn't know what "cannot" be done, who is able to consider all the possibilities...  

We are proud to introduce you to StayBack Hats and we are thrilled to offer you the freedom to wear your new StayBack Hat during whatever outdoor activities you choose; whether that is strolling along a beach, playing golf on an oceanside course, sailing across a lake, skateboarding at a park, or even doing backflips off of a wall.