The Break-Up letter you’ve always wanted to send…

Posted on April 25 2016

We thought we should share our BreakUp letter with all of you.  Don't worry...we aren't breaking up with you.  We are breaking up with the Chin-Strap.  Forever.  And we recommend doing the same.  It is truly liberating.


Dear Chin-Strap,

It’s over.  I don’t want you hanging around me anymore.   Maybe you were just trying to protect me, and I appreciate that, but it was too much.  You were always in my face. 

I couldn’t really trust you.  Whenever things got a little stormy, I’d have to take things into my own hands and just wait until everything blew over.     

You were exhausting - always tugging me in different directions and getting wound up over nothing.

I tried to keep my chin up and not let you get under my skin.  But it didn’t work.  I realize now that it wasn’t me – I wasn’t overly-sensitive.  It was you - you were abrasive and irritating.   And I wasn’t the only one to think so.  You rubbed a lot of people the wrong way! 

For a long time, I believed I couldn’t do any better; that you were irreplaceable.  But that simply isn’t true.

I won’t be strung along any more.   I’m going to explore the world without your constant distractions.  I’m going to discover what I am really capable of…without you holding me back!

So goodbye Chin-Strap.

I have one final thing to say to you. 

StayBack®Because it’s finally time to cut loose!


Disclaimer:  This breakup letter is loosely based on actual chinstrap frustrations of an individual who decided to stand up against the longstanding tyranny of the chinstrap.  It paved the way for the creation of a patented fitting system and the emergence of a new brand of fashionable and functional hats - StayBack® Hats

Please note:  StayBack® does not endorse the actual “cutting” or dismemberment of Chin-Straps.  When “cutting the strings” or “cutting loose” from the oppression of the chinstrap, please consider donating your unwanted chin-strap hats to charity, as opposed to resorting to unnecessary chin-strap violence.


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